The Need to Find Your Teapot

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Take a look at this picture. There is a teapot different from the rest. Can you find the odd one out?
the need tea pot

When I first took at stab at this puzzle, my initial strategy was embarrassingly simple: stare at all the teapots. There was quite literally no rhyme or reason to what I was doing. I just looked. Eventually that turned into another embarrassingly simple strategy. I looked at each teapot individually and compared it to the others around it. It didn’t work. After a while, I decided to examine each part of each teapot. I compared all the spouts. Nope, nothing different there. Then I looked at all the handles. Nothing different there either. I considered the little knobs on top and the colors too. Nothing. Finally, I looked at all the lines on each and every teapot. Once I found myself looking at that specific trait of the teapot, it was incredibly easy to find that one tea pot that had three lines instead of two.

What could a teapot have to do with Jesus? If you haven’t noticed, God has a funny way of teaching us lessons. Case and point: this post. I’m not kidding when I say God really spoke to me about these teapots!

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The Need to Punch Back

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I hear voices. You too? Great, you won’t think I’m crazy. I hear loud, intimate, knows-every-one-of-my-secrets-and-fears–
. They kick me when I’m down. They tell me I’m not good enough. They say I am too sinful for my Father’s love. They recommend reactive behavior that solves no situation. They speak fear into my heart like no other. They make me worry about things I cannot control. 


They punch.

Left hook: Your husband’s not going to come home safely today.

Upper cut: You make no difference in those students’ lives.

Right hook: No one wants to read your stupid blog. 

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The Need for Seasons

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As we enter the summer months I find myself in awe of how quickly the seasons seem to change. Six months ago, my husband and I were walking our Rhodesian ridgeback through three feet of snow. It was easy to be overcome with the thought: “Will all this snow ever melt?”

The next thing I knew, the trees were consumed with the lime green color of flowering buds on the brink of becoming leaves. The anticipation of spring was here. Then we blinked. All the trees were covered in lush green. 


The sun now shines bright, and we have enthusiastically changed out our heavy sweaters in our closets for sundresses and tank tops. 

Think back to a time where you’ve felt the weight of the proverbial snowstorm. In these wintery seasons we ask ourselves, “When will all this go away?” “Where is the sun?” The sting of a storm seems to linger for longer than we would like.

Good news: The Son is always out.

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The Need For Death

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It sounds bizarre– “The Need for Death.” To us, “The Living”, death has only been experienced by watching others pass—a really heartbreaking time of mourning, grief and pain. We’ve only seen death through a certain lens—one of sorrow and heartache. To leave the world—to leave our loved ones—siblings, friends, spouses, children, parents—it’s not something we look forward to. And dying, I think we all can agree, is most certainly not synonymous with living. The world is a horrible place. But no one wants to leave it.
Jesus died in the name of Life. He asks that in return for His sacrifice, we also die for Life. Strange concept isn’t it? To be the literal “walking dead.” I am reminded in John 15 that we are in this world, not of it. I find myself in need of a constant reminder to make the daily choice (if not minute by minute) to die to everything that has nothing to do with my Jesus.  I cannot have it both ways. I cannot live in Heaven if I do not die on Earth. I cannot walk with Jesus if I do not fall at His feet and abandon my fleshly needs. Worrying about my 401K and stressing out about the junk going on at work has nothing to do with my Jesus. How do we die whilst we walk?

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